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Laser Hair Removal, Say Goodbye to PCOS & Hair Growth

While we try to manage our hair growth mainly for the sake of our appearances, there are some cases where excess hair is a sign that not all is well with our bodies. If you have been noticing hair growth on areas you didn’t have it before, you could be suffering from PCOS. This is a signal from your body that your hormones are imbalanced, which can cause a host of other issues aside from excess hair.


PCOS is a leading cause of hirsutism in women because of the hormonal imbalance it causes, which is often the result of ovarian cysts. In such cases, the body will produce an increase in male hormones (androgens) which will compete with the female estrogen hormones. Therefore, if the hair growth you are experiencing appears on your chin, neck, chest, back, or another area that hair typically grows on men, you may have PCOS.


Other signs include acne, irregular/infrequent periods, and no ovulation. The issues PCOS causes to the menstrual cycle can impede one’s ability to become pregnant as well. It can cause depression, weight gain, and make weight loss difficult. PCOS can also impair the body’s ability to process insulin, leading to higher blood sugar levels and an increase in the risk of diabetes. Be aware of these signs so you can detect whether or not you do have PCOS, as your health depends on it.


The causes of PCOS are generally unknown, although many doctors suspect it to be genetic. In order to determine if you have PCOS, doctors may examine your medical history, conduct a physical, a pelvic exam, blood tests, and a sonogram. Treatment is catered towards whatever symptoms one displays, but typically doctors recommend healthy eating and exercise, eating the whole grains, birth control (for women not planning on getting pregnant), surgery, diabetes or fertility medication, etc. Again, treating PCOS depends on the individual symptoms, so consult your doctor to figure out the best plan of action for you.


While it is more important to get PCOS under control, eventually one will probably want to deal with the excess hair it has caused relatively quickly. While it is a source of great humiliation for many women, just know that PCOS is a common syndrome that affects many women; you are not alone. Plus, there is a solution to unwanted hair: laser hair removal.


Many women suffering from PCOS-related hair growth turn to Satori Laser to rid themselves of this embarrassing issue. Since we use the best technology available, Candela Lasers, it is likely excess hair issues caused by PCOS will be eradicated after 4-6 sessions. While laser hair removal has varying results on different people, the likelihood that laser hair removal will reduce unwanted hair is very high.


Satori’s goal is not just to remove all excess body hair; we want to empower our clients and allow them to live their lives to the fullest. It’s hard to do that when one grapples with crushing insecurities about their appearance, especially for women who have hair growth in uncommon areas of the body. It can be a demoralizing and sometimes debilitating problem that can destroy one’s confidence. It’s Satori’s mission to get rid of the hair and restore our clients’ sense of self. This is especially true for women who suffer from PCOS since they have a lot of other issues with their health to deal with–they should not have to worry about excess hair as well.