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Laser Hair Removal Machine: Candela GenteLase Review

candela GentleLASE

This laser equipment is widely used from any cosmetic clinics and cosmetic doctors across the world. Candela is known as one of world’s trusted laser machinery maker where they have designed an efficient laser machine that could possibly offer treatment at the most comfortable yet quick laser therapy from each of its patients.

So what Candela GentleLase can do for you?

* Candela offer ease of laser treatment from removing hair from any body parts permanently.

* Offer laser treatment for pigmented lesions such as freckles, sun spots, age spots, café-au-lait, and melasma.

* Perfect laser treatment for vascular lesions such as blue facial veins, venous lakes, hemangiomas, and even perfect for skin rejuvenation or wrinkles laser therapy.

* Proven from its quick laser treatment where patient mostly enjoys fast laser therapy with the most comfortable laser healing sessions.

With Candela GentleLase, you can have a laser equipment with the only DCD feature or call as Dynamic Cooling Device. This DCD feature allows your laser machinery to offer maximum comfort and retention rate to patients, while Candela also offers larger spot size or 18mm in a dimension that makes up the quickest laser hair removal system than any other laser machines.