Laser Hair Removal GentleLASE

  1.  What is the Candela GentleLASE laser?

Lasers have been used for many years for a variety of medical cosmetic procedures including treatment of facial and leg veins, age spots and rejuvenating the skin on the face. The GentleLASE System, a revolutionary long-pulse high energy alexandrite laser emits a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle where it is absorbed. The laser energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the hair follicle leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. The skin is further protected during treatment by a Dynamic Cooling DeviceTM where cryogen is sprayed onto the skin cooling the upper layers and providing patients with increased comfort.

  1. What conditions are treated with the GentleLASE?

The GentleLASE System safely removes unwanted body hair without damaging the delicate pores and structures of the skin. Facial and bikini areas are usually completed in less than ten minutes; legs, backs and larger areas can take longer.

  1. How long will it take?

Because the laser treats many hairs at a time, facial areas (lip, chin, etc.) can be treated in 5-10 minutes. Small body areas (underarms, bikini, etc.) take less than 15 minutes. Larger body areas (full back, legs, arms. etc.) usually take about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the area.

  1. How many treatments will I need?

The laser works by disabling hairs that are in their active growth cycle at the time of treatment. Since other hairs will enter their growth cycles at different times, an average of 5 treatments will be necessary to disable all of the follicles in a given area.

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