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How to Save Your Skin From Aging

Other than trips to the one and only Satori Laser, there are a few tips to save your skin from aging. Plus, these are great tips to keep in mind after your wrinkle-free treatments with us!

  • Cleanse, moisturize and wear sunscreen. When used regularly, your daily moisturizer will reduce the appearance of dark spots. When your skin tone is even, you’ll be able to sleep in sometimes (more on that soon) because you don’t have to wear as much makeup!
  • Figure out the culprit. Sometimes products can totally betray you, and if so, the first place it’s likely to show up is around your eyes. wrinkle eyeRemember when we said they were delicate? Yeah. If you’ve purchased any new makeup or skincare products and then started noticing dry skin and irritation around your eyes, one of them may very well be the cause. Facial cleaners and eye makeup removers are often too harsh on the skin around your eyes, even if they’re just right for the rest of your face. Take a break from them and see if the dry patches go away.
  • Don’t look in the light. Sunlight is supremely damaging for skin in large doses–we all know this. However, you might not know that UV rays are even worse for the skin around your eyes—the skin is especially thin, so there are fewer layers for it to pass through. Always wear SPF around your eyes, whether it’s in your daily moisturizer or in a targeted eye cream for daytime use. Wear sunglasses too on especially bright days. All that squinting will lead to wrinkles in the future if not protected today.
  • Treat from the inside out. It’s no secret that what you put in your body reflects on the outside. Ever notice how your eyes are puffy and dry-feeling the day after a night out drinking? A perfect example. So if you put something good into your body, it stands to reason that the effects will be really gorgeous, right? Right! Vitamin E and fish oil are particularly a great for treating dry skin, thanks to hefty amounts of antioxidants and fatty acids respectively. You can ingest a supplement of both, and as a bonus, Vitamin E applied topically is an extra helping hand for troubled skin.
  • No rough-housing. Since you’re committed to pampering your eye area, you should keep in mind that the way you handle it affects how it looks. Too much rubbing from conceal or foundation application, dragging makeup around your eyes rather than tapping or blending with a brush also takes a toll. You should always be using your ring finger when applying makeup to your eyes because it’s the cushiest (and therefore gentlest) finger.
  • Lower the temp. Hot water in general is a moisture-sucker for your skin. If you wash your face with too hot water, you’re likely to exacerbate any dryness issues. You should be using tepid water to wash your face only–don’t worry, it gets your face just as clean without stripping it of its moisture.
  • Avoid Retinoids around your eyes. Retinoids are a life saver if you’re acne-stricken. However, they are serious stuff–if you use them you’re well aware that where they banish blemishes, they almost always leave dry patches in their place. Something that strong on your eye skin is tricky business. Since retinoids breakdown in the sunlight pretty rapidly, you should only be using them at night in the first place. Laying a moisturizer over it is key to avoiding the dryness if you’re battling breakouts around your eyes.