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How to decrease your acne count

If these tips don’t work, don’t fret. Satori Laser has your back and will restore your skin to the way you want it to look. These tips should be put into consideration while between treatment sessions as well!

healthy food

1) You are what you eat
Stay away from greasy food and instead turn to healthy alternatives.

2) Limit makeup wear
If you can’t live without it, then look for products that say “non-comedogenic” or ” non-acnegenic” on it.

3) Moisturize your skin
It keeps away excess oil and dirt.

4) Check your shampoo/body wash
Some can irritate your skin with all the fragrance and chemicals in there.

5) Stay out of the sun
That way you will decrease your chances at getting inflammations and redness. Not only is this good to prevent acne, it’s also crucial for laser treatments.

touching face

6) Refrain from touching your face
It’s a bad habit that many of us have – especially when we like to rest our heads in our hands. However, this will only make your face dirtier!

7) Keep your face clean
While it’s important to clean your face, washing twice a day is sufficient. Over-washing doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing!

Hope you enjoyed these tips!