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BURNNN: How to Treat Razor Burn

disappointedSo you still haven’t given up shaving in favor of laser hair removal? Tsk tsk. You’re only hurting yourself as you procrastinate removing your excess hair for good because you fear the nonexistent pain and the deceptively high up-front cost.

While you can change your ways and schedule a free consultation at Satori, you still have to deal with that nasty, painful razor burn. Whether it be on your legs, your face–or down there…it’s painful and unsightly. You should take care of it before you decide to get laser hair removal, so the area is healed and good to go for your first session. Here are some tips on how to treat razor burn:


Apply some ice: Directly after the razor bumps and burn pop up on your skin, apply an ice pack to the affected area to ease the irritation. This will calm down the redness and ease the pain a bit. The longer you keep the ice pack on your skin, the more the razor burn should dissipate. Then follow up with the next few steps:


Apply some aloe: Aloe gel is soothing and heals wounds very quickly. Plus, it’s an all-natural way of treating razor burn. It’s packed with tons of minerals and nutrients that your skin will love, plus it takes no time at all for Aloe to work its magic. At Satori, we use aloe following each session to ensure our clients’ skin remains smooth, unblemished, and pain-free. It works every time!


Avoid Alcohol. This is a rule of thumb for skincare in general, as alcohol strips the epidermis of its essential oils and nutrients, resulting in redness, irritation, and in some cases acne. If you already have razor burn and apply a product that contains alcohol to the area, it will only make it worse. Beware: a lot of toners, cleansers, and soaps contain high alcohol content. Check the labels before you apply anything to your skin to ensure you won’t be making your razor burn worse.


Moisturize: Shaving and shaving creams dry out the skin, so you’ll probably notice dry patches surrounding razor burn (to make matters worse). If you don’t already moisturize your skin, now is the time to get on a regiment. It will drastically improve razor burn and the overall quality of your skin. Use something thick like a body butter or shea/cocoa butter to repair the damage that shaving caused your skin.

laser hair removal

The best solution of all? STOP SHAVING. Nothing prevents razor burn and bumps better than not shaving at all. Why deal with all the pain and irritation when there is a simple solution right in front of you? Laser hair removal causes very little pain and irritation to the skin, plus our technicians follow up with aloe cream to make sure your skin stays smooth and beautiful. Schedule a free consultation today and free yourself from the pain of razor burn forever!