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10 Shocking Causes of Skin Pigmentation

Dark spots or pigmentation on the skin is not uncommon for both men and women. Though there are several home remedies and treatments available these days to get rid of it such as Satori Laser’s eTwo, you may want to know what is really causing skin pigmentation. You will be surprised to know that everyday habits are the number one cause of this skin problem. We list down 10 such factors.

  1. Cooking
    cookingAnything that causes excess heat can lead to pigmentation. If your skin is prone to it, you may want to avoid cooking on high flame as it can produce intense heat. If this is unavoidable, apply a protective cream on areas exposed before you cook. Also, avoid using the sauna, the steam room, or doing hot yoga. 
  2. Bleaching skin
    Bleaching the skin too often can lead to skin pigmentation. Since this process changes the color of hair, it needs strong chemicals to do so. This can at times have a reaction with your skin and lead to pigmentation. If you cannot avoid bleaching, the safest ingredient to use mequinol.
  3. Hair colouring
    Just like bleaching leads to skin pigmentation, even coloring your hair as the same effect. This is because even though you are coloring your hair, the chemicals present in it can be passed on your skin as well. So avoid doing this or opt for chemical-free, natural hair colors. Avoid ones that have harsh chemicals in them.
  4. Using bad skincare products
    You may be cleansing and toning your skin every day but if your skincare products are of poor quality, you are likely to have skin pigmentation. It is vital to use products that are of reputed brands and suit your skin well. Always search for user reviews if you aren’t sure if the company is good or not.
  5. Sun exposure
    tanningOne of the worst causes of skin pigmentation, sun exposure increases this further if you do not take adequate protection. Always apply a sunscreen lotion of at least 30 SPF before stepping out and reapply it every two hours. Even if it is cloudy, make sure you have it on as the rays can still penetrate your skin.
  6. Perfumed products
    How we love products that have a good fragrance. But these can lead to skin pigmentation as well. If you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies, you should definitely avoid using products that are perfumed. Also, do not spray perfumes directly on your skin.
  7. Friction
    When there is friction, there are chances of skin pigmentation. It can be easily created by the use of nylon loofahs or by scrubbing your skin vigorously. This can also dry out your skin and make it flaky.
  8. Stress
    stressed outIf you thought your stress has no effect on your skin, you are mistaken. When you are stressed out, the free radicals in your body increase in number. This can aggravate skin pigmentation and also give rise to new spots.
  9. Smoking
    Smoking not only exposes your body and skin to several toxic chemicals, it also reduces antioxidants which are responsible for renewing and keeping your skin healthy. These two factors can cause skin pigmentation.
  10. Hormonal imbalance
    When there is a hormonal imbalance in your body, you are likely to suffer from skin pigmentation. This could also be a symptom of an underlying condition such as thyroid disorder, kidney and liver disease, insulin resistance, etc. It is essential to address this problem and get yourself checked by a doctor.