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Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removals

laser hair removal for men and women

Unwanted body hair is a great embarrassment. Women try waxing, threading and shaving to get rid of hair on their face, body, and legs. However, it is very difficult to get rid of hair permanently. Laser hair removal is a relatively new technique offering a permanent effect. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Laser hair removal is gaining popularity because it is quick, less invasive and less painful.


  1. Laser hair removal is a minimally invasive hair removal procedure.
  2. This procedure injures the follicles of several hairs at once so that future growth is limited or destroyed.
  3. Low-energy lasers are used for the procedure. This method is more effective on people with light skin and dark hair.
  4. However, possible side effects are burns and blisters if the laser energy is too high.
  5. Another side effect is excess hair growth if the laser energy is too low.
  6. Allergic reactions to numbing agents used during the procedure can lead to serious hazards and even death.
  7. Laser hair removal is more effective if done four to eight times and can cost anything between $300 to $500 / session for an upper lip treatment and $200 to $300 / session for a full leg treatment.
  8. Women should always select an experienced practitioner to have their hair removal to avoid the risk of scarring.Long Island – Hicksville