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There’s Laser Treatments for Everything Now!

With all these advances in technology, you might be surprised or even thrilled to find out that some of the things you dreaded or regret can be easily dealt with by laser. Bad eyesight, tattoo you got when you were 15, signs of aging, and uneven skin tones are just a few examples. In this day and age, even celebrities are not unfamiliar to the laser. While Satori Laser doesn’t offer those services, luckily for you guys, we do offer acne and hair removal treatments!

However, regardless of what procedure you’re doing, skin color does matter. 

different skin color

“What works for one skin tone may not work for another since different laser wavelengths pick up different pigments—some of the darker skin types may not see optimal results with certain types of lasers, which is why it’s crucial that only a board-certified and experienced dermatologist, plastic or facial plastic surgeon administer your treatment.”

Some of our technicians have been working here for over 15 years, despite how youthful they look. Here, each client gets their own specific setting because one setting does not fit all. This way, we can best serve our clients and optimize the results.
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