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More Tips on Reducing Pain!

Although the hair-removal process won’t be anything too painful, for those who are still concerned, here’s a list of things you can do to ensure that you are as comfortable as you possibly be during your session!

1) Avoid laser treatments during menstruation
Due to fluctuations in your hormones, your sensitivity will increase.

2) Avoid caffeineno caffeine
Try to stay away from caffeine the day of your treatment. No hormones here, but likewise, you will also become more sensitive. However, feel free to make yourself a cup of coffee afterward!

3) Drink more water
Drinking water prior to the treatment will make you feel better.

4) Shave the area
If the hair is long, it will only be more painful for you. Just leave enough for us to see the stubble!

5) Apply numbing cream
If you’re still worried, then you can apply numbing cream or ice pack before the session. We highly doubt you’ll need it though if you’re choosing Satori Laser.

Rest assured because Satori Laser uses Candela, a top-notch machine that produces cryogen right before the laser reaches you. This will negate the heat and soothe you so that you will barely feel a thing.