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Laser Hair Removal Treatments – Are They Safe?

The short answer as to whether laser hair removal treatments are safe is – YES. The hair removal procedure is extremely safe when administered by a qualified, licensed practitioner. All laser hair removal systems must have an FDA safety clearance in order to be sold in the United States. Also, many lasers have the additional safety clearance for permanent hair reduction.


Almost all of the laser hair removal equipment that is presently in use has been approved by the FDA. A few product names that are on the FDA’s list of approved lasers include: GentleYAG, GentleLASE, CoolGlide, Lightsheer Polylase, IPL Quantum, Apogee, and Epilaser.









During your consultation with your prospective hair removal clinic, be sure to inquire about the laser systems that they utilize, as well as, any potential side effects of laser hair removal from their specific equipment. Generally, the newer the system, the more advanced features are included, such as a cooling component. This device keeps the outer layer of skin cool during the laser hair removal treatments and provides a more comfortable experience.

As far as health hazards from laser energies used in the laser hair removal treatments, there are no known long-term negative effects associated with this procedure.