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Laser Hair Removal Myths

Perhaps back in the days these myths about laser hair removal may be indeed the truth, but in this modern days these myths are, well, just myths. So let these myths hold you back! No convince? Well then, let's examine the truth of these myths in the face of today's advance technology. 

Laser Hair Removal Myth #1. Laser Hair Removal is painful

Laser Hair Removal is not always painful. Advanced laser hair removal typically only causes pain when conducted in sensitive areas, and even then, its usually a quick, minor pain like a snapping of a rubber band. New lasers are now designed with a cooling tip to prevent most pain and irritation. The tip blows cool air onto the skin while the laser works and this prevents excessive irritation. After the session the skin may appear a bit red, but this will generally fade shortly after and normal activities can resume immediately after the session.

Laser Hair Removal Myth #2. Laser Hair Removal is expensive

Comparatively, Laser Hair Removal is not such a big investment. Consider the cost of products required for shaving, waxing or electrolysis used over the course of a lifetime to remove hair. Then take the time to add up what you spend in just the course of a year on these products and you will likely be shocked at what you are already spending. In addition to the cost of products, there is also the exorbitant amount of time these processes take. Laser Hair Removal is a permanent hair reduction system, requiring a few short sessions with results that can last for years. Today’s medical spas also offer discount packages, payment plans, referral bonuses and many more options to offset the cost.

Laser Hair Removal Myth #3. Laser Hair Removal causes scarring and ingrown hairs.

Laser Hair Removal only causes scarring in extremely rare instances, and it is actually recommended to alleviate problems such as ingrown hairs. Scarring is a more common result of electric hair removal, because the process uses a needle that touches the skin. Laser Hair Removal requires no needles and results in zero scarring when handled by a trained professional.

Laser Hair Removal Myth #4. Laser Hair Removal only works on certain skin colors.

Laser Hair Removal can be effective on a wide array of skin tones these days.  Since the laser doesn’t touch any of the surrounding skin, the color of the skin is inconsequential and holds no bearing on the outcome of the process. Some lasers still operate by targeting contrasting colors, so you’ll need to check with your local laser clinic about whether a laser treatment will be safe for you. Odds are, however, there is a clinic near you with a laser capable of helping you.

Laser Hair Removal Myth #5. Laser Hair Removal won’t work on red or blonde hair

Much like skin pigments, hair pigments are no longer an obstacle for most hair lasers. A blonde or red haired patient may require more sessions to reach the results of someone with dark hair and light skin, but laser hair removal is certainly a viable option for them now more than ever.