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Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

laser hair removal for black skin

Nd: YAG lasers

Laser hair removal for people with dark skin tone, typically people of African descent, Nd: YAG lasers and Diode lasers are the most suited. However, there is no single best laser to treat hair. Each laser has its pros and cons. Although many lasers are available with brand names, the key is to look at the frequency of the laser to determine its effectiveness.

Types of LASERS:

  • Diode- Perhaps the best studied and good for many skin types (the type I favor in my practice).
  • IPL- Not as effective as the diode in head to head studies and not good for all skin types. May require more treatments.
  • Nd: YAG lasers- A good selection for darker haired patients. May require more treatments than diode and has a smaller spot size typically and may require more treatments
  • Alexandrite- Best for lighter skin types however it is almost as effective as the diode in efficacy.

Treatment Package

Even as lasers become more adept and treating dark skin, your total treatment package may still require more sessions than the national average of 3-5, as safety precautions can make dark skin hair removal treatments a more painstaking and time-consuming process, making more treatments generally necessary. Most clinics and medspa’s simply want to make the treatments as safe as possible. The total number of treatments will also depend on what part of the body is involved, of course, as areas like the back and chest will require more time than an underarm or pubic hair removal procedure. We invite you to explore more of HRF for information on how laser hair removal works and what you can expect during each session.