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Laser Hair Removal Facts

Before booking your appointment with Satori Laser, here are a few things for you to note! Don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions during your free consultation. 

Hair color is key

Laser hair removal only works if your hair is darker than your skin tone. Lasers look for the darkest pigment and zap it. If your hair is white or light blond (lighter than your skin), the device will not be able to target your hair and the procedure will not work for you. Your best options will be conventional methods of hair removal.

One size doesn’t fit all

There are several different types of lasers and “laser-type” devices for hair removal because there is no one “best” device for all skin types. This is especially true for those with darker skin or lots of freckles. To keep yourself safe, it’s best to schedule a consultation with your provider before any procedure. Ask if the laser they have is appropriate for your skin type. This is the first step to ensuring a good result.

What not to do

Do not wax, thread or pluck the hair for at least four weeks before your laser procedure. Hair is the target for all removal devices, and waxing/threading/plucking removes it from the skin. Shaving is the best way to treat your hair prior to and following laser treatments.

Don’t tan

Do not use self-tanner before laser treatments. You can expect the best outcome if your hair is several shades darker than your skin.

Make a commitment

Laser hair removal will work best if you stay on a schedule. This is because hair is cyclic. Pay attention to how your hair grows and try to schedule your appointments when you see maximum growth. Your provider can help you determine an appropriate schedule.

laser hair removal consultation

Have realistic expectations

There is no such thing as total hair removal. No laser can completely remove all hair. Each treatment should result in a reduction. If you feel that you are not getting a reduction, discuss this with your provider. Often, as the number of treatments increases, the result following each treatment is less dramatic. This is because there are fewer hair follicles present. Other times, the settings may need to be adjusted to yield a better result.

The number of treatments will vary

Different areas of the body respond differently to lasers. Some areas may need six treatments; other areas may need 20 or more.

Following up

Anticipate “touch-up” treatments indefinitely. You may need one or two treatments a year to target any residual hair follicles.

Laser hair reduction is an extremely effective procedure for many people and can improve the quality of life. Developing a solid understanding of the procedure is the best way to ensure a great outcome.

laser hair removal follow up