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Men Laser Hair Removal

For women, laser hair removal is an easy option to remove unwanted hair. This procedure works equally well for men and is definitely preferable to smelly hair removal creams, painful waxing, or constant shaving. In fact, men laser hair removal is becoming a trend. If you’ve ever wanted to rid yourself permanently of unwanted hair, this is definitely a great way to accomplish your goal.

Safe for Large Areas of the Body

mens laser hair removal

For most men, the areas where they want to have hair removed are large ones; the back, chest, and perhaps the legs. With laser hair removal, these large areas can be done quickly and easily. The laser procedure combines the precise accuracy of shaving with the long lasting qualities of electrolysis, making it much easier to keep large areas smooth and free of unwanted hair.

Since the laser systems work with cool lasers and lights, the procedure itself is less painful and uncomfortable and finished more quickly than with the needles used in electrolysis. This is important since areas like the chest and back can be very sensitive. Since the lasers are not as invasive as needles, you are far less likely to suffer any real pain during and immediately after laser hair removal. While there will be some discomfort, most reputable doctors or practitioners offer a topical pain relieving cream to be applied before the hair removal begins, providing immediate relief.

Finding a Practitioner

While conducting your search for a doctor to do your laser hair removal procedure, call the offices you are interested in and ask if they have worked with many male patients. When you find one who has, ask if you can then make an appointment to go in and talk to a technician, to ask any questions you may have about the procedure. Make sure you feel comfortable with the person performing the actual laser hair removal, as this will help to keep you calm before and during the procedure.

If you know any buddies or co-workers who have had laser hair removal done, ask them about their experiences and if they would recommend their location. Word of mouth is the best way to find really great services and those who offer them, so take advantage of others’ experiences.

Justifying the Expense

While women seem to understand that beauty comes at a price, men are, by nature, more logical and practical creatures. Laser hair removal treatments can vary in cost, but the fact of it is that you’ll be making an investment. And since this investment is such an important one, consider the fact that you are absolutely worth it!

Sit down and add up the costs of the alternative methods of hair removal. How many jars of hair removal cream, packages of razors or razor blades, or home waxing kits will you be purchasing over the course of your life? Not to mention the skin care creams and soothing balms you’ll have to pick up to keep your skin feeling smooth after all of this abuse. Now, look at the cost of laser hair removal. After just two or three treatments, you will have softer, smoother, hair-free skin. Permanently. Compare the two price tags, and you’ll agree that this one-time investment in yourself is well worth the price.

After Care

Perhaps the most attractive selling point of laser hair removal is that your skin will require very little care after the procedure is done. The area that has been treated will be slightly red and very mildly uncomfortable, much like a mild sunburn. It is recommended that you wear sunscreen on the area for at least 48 hours after the treatment. You should also avoid tanning, either outside in the sun or in a tanning salon, for a minimum of two weeks after the procedure.

There won’t be any oozing or bleeding or any open sores to look after, and there is no chance of nicks or cuts like those from a razor blade. Within two weeks, you’ll notice that your skin is back to normal, but even better; it will be softer and rid of the unwanted hair!

Rest assured that many men have had this procedure done and been thrilled with the results. If you’re still unsure, do a quick search online for “laser hair removal for men” and check out the articles and forums that are available to you for more information. Go into the procedure well-informed, knowing that you’re taking care of yourself and your body with pride.