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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal for men

Is laser hair removal for men? Laser hair removal is now a very common treatment for excess body hair, almost half of the patients seen are Male. The other choices for the Removal of Excess Body Hair such as shaving or waxing are messy, time-consuming, temporary and require regular maintenance appointments for the duration of the adult male life. It is easy to see that it is more cost effective to remove the hair by Laser Hair Removal.

Facial Laser Hair Removal

Of course, most men shave their Facial Hair and often the electric razor is a man’s first choice. A lot of men choose Facial Laser Hair Removal as they experience ingrown hairs which are often painful and unsightly. Most men shave on a daily basis which is also very time-consuming in an already busy life.

Chest Laser Hair Removal

Chest Hair can be embarrassing for a lot of men. While some men choose to wax and some shave it is a constant maintenance issue with the common side effect of unsightly ingrowing hairs. Treatment time is approximately 30 minutes.

Leg Laser Hair Removal

Leg Hair can be excessive in some men. Whether excessive or not, some men choose not to have any leg hair. Although this area is easier to access for the purpose of shaving this is a time-consuming process and requires daily maintenance for most before unattractive stubble appears. Ingrown hairs can often be a problem in this area.

Genital/Pubic Hair Laser Hair Removal

Partial Hair Removal or Complete Hair Removal is desired by some. A number of treatments required will depend upon the desired amount of Hair Removal. The procedure takes approximately 120 minutes.

Body Laser Hair Removal

It is now quite common for men to request full Body Laser Hair Removal. All Body Areas can be treated by Laser Hair Removal with the exception of the immediate eye area.

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