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Want Laser Hair Removal? Stop Making Excuses

With such a high level of importance placed on the smooth skin, it’s no surprise that most women and a lot of men want to get rid of their excess hair. The truth remains that smooth skin is sexy and can bolster your confidence dramatically, especially with the summer coming soon. Yet many of us still rely on old methods of hair removal to provide us with silky skin, no matter how expensive, time consuming, and painful they are. It is true that old habits die hard–but it should be way easier to toss your razor and tweezers because laser hair removal is clearly the best option. So before you start shedding your hair, shed your excuses.

People think Laser hair removal is expensive: Quite the contrary. Whether you shave or wax, laser hair removal is cheaper than both. At the most, laser hair removal will take a year to permanently reduce the majority of the hair in the targeted area. Whereas with temporary solutions such as waxing and shaving, you will be doing it for the rest of your life. It may not seem like a huge investment but over time, it’s amazing how much money you spend. While the average one-time cost of laser hair removal is $3,000 (and in many cases is less), for waxing and shaving, over a lifetime, the average woman spends about $23,000 and $10,000 respectively. That’s a huge difference!

It’s time-consuming: While you may be avoiding laser hair removal because you are impatient and want your hair gone now or because you think it will conflict with your busy schedule, have no fear. The truth is, most sessions take anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on the area you are getting treated. Obviously, if you are treating multiple areas or your bikini line/legs, this time could top off at a half an hour, but that’s still a very small amount of time in the grand scheme of things. Plus, you only need to come back every 4-5 weeks, and most of Satori’s customers only need 4-6 sessions and occasional yearly touch-ups. Don’t fall for the instant gratification that shaving and waxing provide. Laser hair removal may be a more tedious process comparatively, but in a relatively short amount of time, you will never need to worry about excess hair again, if only you give it a chance.

You may also be avoiding laser hair removal because you think the results won’t last or it won’t work for you. Studies have shown, however, that 87% of those who took the plunge into laser hair removal say they would do it again. That’s a pretty high satisfaction rate for a procedure that many claims is so risky and unreliable–charges that couldn’t be further from the truth. Think about it: how is shaving and waxing working for you? Does the hair grow back every 3-5 days or every few weeks? Of course, it does. Results through these methods will always be temporary. Why would you want to keep wasting time, money, and energy on these methods when clearly laser hair removal works permanently?

And finally, the last yet probably most common excuse of all: Laser hair removal hurts. Let’s just compare the varying levels of pain that different hair removal techniques inflict upon us: Waxing? A searing, excruciating pain that is repeated multiple times and continues to sting at least a day or two after the fact. Shaving? Maybe if you’re careful you won’t cut yourself and bleed everywhere, but you’ll still probably suffer from dry skin and razor burn. Oh and you’ll probably wind up cutting yourself too, let’s be honest.  Laser hair removal? maybe a small sting that lasts all of two seconds. That’s it.

Now that you see how silly all of your excuses not to get laser hair removal are, you really don’t have any more reasons to avoid it. It’s fast, cheap, not that painful and it works. I’d tell you to set up a free consultation with Satori Laser now, but I’m sure you don’t need any more convincing.