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My Experience With Laser Hair Removal

Now, it doesn’t hurt at all. I would compare it to an elastic band gently being flicked against your skin. It is a bit of a shock, to begin with as you’re not too sure what to expect- but the pain is not it.

laser hair removal experienceIf you’re getting your Brazilian done there are two places it’s a bit intense with the elastic band flicking feeling. They are; your bottom and also right on your lips. Like I said before though it isn’t something you’d compare to a strong overwhelming pain. If you can wax you can definitely do this. Waxing is a hundred times more painful than Laser.
After every part has been zapped your beautician will then smooth some “soothing gel/cream” onto the areas and tell you to put your clothes on and that’s it!

It really is so simple! I’m up to my 4th treatment now and can see such great results! I use to shave my underarms daily and now I literally shave just over every fortnight- if that. My downstairs I use to shave every second day, but now I literally can get away with over a fortnight. It’s amazing. The hair is getting finer and there is a whole lot less of it! I would recommend Laser Hair Removal to anyone who currently does any form of hair removal treatment.


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