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Laser Hair Removal – Does It Help?

Since the 1990′s laser hair removal as gives people an effective answer to problems with unseemly hair. Its popularity since first being introduced to the general public has continued to grow as people look for a more permanent solution to unsightly hair. This article looks to give you some of the facts behind this modern day treatment.

During treatment, the laser emits a beam of warm light that passes safely through the skin and targets the unwanted hair follicles. This beam of light has enough energy to destroy the cells at the root of the unwanted hair follicles. The treatment is most effective when new hairs are starting their growth cycle. Thus, because our hair grows in cycles, several treatments may be necessary to eradicate the problem.

Generally, there is but a little discomfort when undergoing the treatment. Some patients have described feeling a slight tingling or snapping sensation. However, if you have any concerns, the technician can apply an anesthetic to the area to be treated. After your treatment, there may be a little swelling and your skin will look red, very similar to sunburn.

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Your session will normally last around 10-60 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated. Obviously, a larger area, like your back, will take much longer than a smaller area, like your lip. You will also find that it takes several treatments to the area being treated, as the laser can only target the growing hair follicles at any one time. Usually, you can expect around three such sessions.

The majority of people undergoing laser hair removal are in the main, very satisfied with its effects. So much so, that many of them return for treatments in other areas also. It may not be the cheapest option, but undoubtedly, it’s one of the most effective. The costs vary from clinic to clinic and of course, the size of the area being treated will have a large effect on the fees you will be charged. But the average session would normally be around $400-$500.