How Men and Women Deal with Unwanted Hair

Good Skin Days Figures Soar for Laser Hair Removal as 2013 Research Shows How Men and Women Deal with Unwanted Hair

Recent studies show that more men than women are undergoing laser hair removal and are less afraid to talk about it.

Laser hair removal is a permanent method of removing unwanted hair by using concentrated light to kill off the pigment in hair follicles.

Recent data collected by representatives from Auckland University (New Zealand) and The Open University (UK) suggests that younger men are removing more body hair than women. The research was gathered after participants took part in an online survey regarding the removal of body hair on men and women.

The survey also asked about participants’ own body hair and removal process and surveyed almost 600 people aged 18-35.

Dr. Gareth Terry of The Open University said, “Until recently, in the West, the removal of body hair was mostly a female practice.”

Dr. Terry then went on to say that men have started to remove more body hair over the last decade. He compared the bodies of James Bond actors, Sean Connery and Daniel Craig.

Companies like Good Skin Days, who specialize in laser hair removal in Leeds, have noticed the increase in males disposing of their unwanted hair.

Chris Gill of Good Skin Days said, “The build up to summer shows a significant increase in men having their hair removed, particularly around the feet, back and chest. The summer clothing is most certainly the cause for this. Hairy chests can be a really sensitive issue for some men.”

The most interesting result that came from the online survey is that male body hair is still more widely acceptable than body hair is on women – but men are still removing more than women are.

Dr. Terry later said, “Women who choose not to shave, for whatever reason, are considered unfeminine and have ‘let themselves go.’ Men, on the other hand, seem to have much more scope for grooming rather than hairlessness as an option.”

Chris Gill of Good Skin Days then stated, “With summer here, more men feel comfortable to take their shirts off on holiday after previous laser hair removal sessions.”


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