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Genital Laser Hair Removal

Genital Laser Hair Removal

Genital hair removal has become fairly commonplace for women, but these days, an increasing number of men are choosing to explore their options in this area as well. For men, removing hair in the genitals requires a great deal of thought and expertise. Women frequently choose to wax their genitals to achieve a hairless look. For men, waxing is a good choice for hair that is being removed in the region above the penis, but it is a poor choice when removing hair from the root of the penis and the testicles. The skin in these regions is simply too thin and sensitive to handle such a procedure.

laser hair removal machineShaving is the route chosen by most men to get the results they seek. An electric foil razor is said to be the best choice. Rotary shavers with three-circle blades have been reported by some men to cause irritation in the delicate genital region. It’s also important that you make sure not to use a standard electric shaver in water. Best results are achieved by selecting a model that says “wet/dry” on the label. Failure to do so could result in an electric shock to your nether regions if you choose to shave in the shower.

Painless Genital Hair Removal via Laser Treatments

Laser therapy is an excellent bet for those seeking a painless and more permanent solution to the problem of unwanted hair in the genital region. In this approach, the laser’s heat is used to destroy the unwanted follicles, thus serving to mitigate or eliminate growth.