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Why is Satori Laser the best option?

There are many companies out there claiming to be the best, however over the course of more than 13 years, Satori Laser has established itself as the more reliable and trust worthy Laser Center out there. We want to explain exactly why is this.

1. The Newest Technology; We use for all treatments the newest model of Candela Laser's the Gentle MaxPro Series with both Alexandrite and YAG wavelength, we own our machines. Most other companies rent them, which elevates the cost of their services. Satori is constantly renewing their machines and have the most strict maintenance protocols.

2. Experienced and Licensed Estheticians; All of the technicians that perform the treatment have at least 5 years of experience in the industry before starting to work with us and are licensed Estheticians. They go through a very detailed training process as we like to make sure every Laser Technician at Satori follows the same protocols, and they are able to treat all skin tones, hair type, skin conditions or special requirements from our clients.  

3. Cryogen; All Laser treatments require a cooling system, to make the experience as comfortable and  safe as possible. Most other companies use cold air or cooling gel, which are cheaper for them but it is outdated technology. We only use Cryogen which is cold gas and much lower in temperature than the other options. Before each zap of the Laser there are two "splashes" of Cryogen, this makes the treatments much more comfortable and it allows our Laser Technicians to go as high in energy as needed through the process without compromising the safety of the experience. Having Cryogen allows Satori to guarantee you up to 95% hair reduction. 

4. Transparent Pricing; If you have been browsing online about Laser Hair Removal you probably already notices that Laser Centers do not post the actual price of their services, they might tell you the discount they offer you without even disclosing the final price. We find this to be very sketchy, since the beginning we decided that all our prices would be listed as they are in our website and stores, there are no secrets about it. Even without those big "75% off" signs, our prices are actually the lowest for the technology we use. If you are treating multiple areas and buying packages our staff has the flexibility and care to arrange a payment plan for you.

5. Clean and Convenient locations; Our stores can be found in very popular and easy access areas of the cities we serve. We want you to walk in and feel rewarded with very modern, clean and comfortable stores. You deserve high end service. 

6. Human and Caring Customer Services; Whenever you call, text or email us, you are being assisted by one of our staff members, very informed, knowledgeable and caring human beings. Our policies are explained to you since day one, there are no unpleasant surprises. We will always try our best to accommodate our clients needs. If you have a questions, any of our Front Desk Associates will be able to guide you as well. We understand that nobody likes to talk to machines, Bring the warmth into customer service again!

7. Guaranteed Results; Right after Consultation, and getting all information needed, our Laser Technician will be able to tell you how much hair reduction we guarantee you. All you have to do is to be consistent with your treatments and follow the protocols to make sure you achieve your desired results!


At Satori Laser we are committed to continue to develop the best Laser Hair Removal experience and to keep being the Laser Center with the highest Customer Satisfaction rate in the industry. We are passionate about what we do.