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Why do I see hair growth a few days after my treament?

This is one of the first things clients tend to worry about following the treatment, but it is completely normal and part of the process.

The way the technology our Laser Hair Removal machine the Gentle MaxPro de Candela works is by being attracted to the pigment of the hair and following that pigment towards the root and damage the root with high temperature. The hair follicle gets burned but not removed at that point, after a few days the hair will follow the normal movement out of your skin, then the shedding process at around two weeks after the treatment will allow you to see the hair starting to fall by itself. Those hair follicles that were actively growing (Anagen stage hair growth) during your visit for the treatment will have a very hard time to form again, some of them will create much weaker and thin hair and some of them will not be able to form hair at all again, this is noticeable after the shedding process is over and the new hair cycle starts to grow out. 

We know because of how hair cycles work that around 20% of them will be actively growing the day of your treatment, we continue to treat each hair cycle to be able to reduce them all. We guarantee up to 95% hair reduction for dark hair and in a few years after getting to your desired results you might need a few sessions as touch up maintenance for the dormant follicles that might wake up and grow again, but it will we very minimum. 

We use two different type of wavelengths within our machines, the Alexandrite which is use for people with light skin tones and the YAG which is used for medium to deep skin tones. Alexandrite is good at seeing the most minimal pigment and can be used only in light skin tones to avoid any irritation to damage to pigment on the skin. YAG is effective and safe for medium to deeper skin tones because it ignores the pigment of the skin and travels under it to be able to only see the pigment of the hair root. Because of this sometimes when a person is treated with YAG and they had a bit of grow on the hair they will not see the short hair being burned during the treatment, this does not mean that the treatment was not effective, it means it is effective where we need it to be, which is the root, not the length of the hair. Around the two week mark after the treatment they will also experience the shedding process on those follicles that were active. 

After one week of your treatment, doing light exfoliation on the body area treated two times a week is always recommended, it helps the shedding process, keeps your skin soft and avoids the creation of any ingrown hairs.

This is why we say patience is key for Laser Hair Removal, when you get your treatments done by us at Satori Laser, you can trust our experience and knowledge. We want to give you the best results the soonest possible, we choose the right temperature and energy for each of your treatments with your needs in mind. We have 13 years of experience and we are a growing company because how satisfied our clients are with our services.