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The Time Wasted in Shaving

One of the main reasons why people decides to have Laser Hair Removal done is because of how much time and energy you save by doing so. We will take shaving as an example of this. The amount of time a woman spends shaving in her lifetime can vary significantly depending on individual preferences, hair growth, and the methods used for hair removal. Here's a rough estimate:

  1. Frequency of Shaving: Most women shave their legs, underarms, and potentially other areas like the bikini line. The frequency of shaving can vary from daily to weekly or even less often. Let's assume an average of 3 times a week for various areas.

  2. Time per Shave: The time it takes to shave can also vary widely, but for an average full leg and underarm shave, it might take around 10-15 minutes.

Using these rough estimates:

3 times a week x 15 minutes per shave = 45 minutes per week

Now, let's calculate for different stages of a woman's life, assuming she starts shaving in her teenage years and continues into adulthood:

  1. Teenage Years (ages 13-19):

    • 7 years x 45 minutes per week = 315 hours
  2. 20s to 50s (ages 20-59):

    • 40 years x 45 minutes per week = 1,800 hours
  3. 50s and Beyond (ages 60+):

    • Assuming shaving becomes less frequent or stops altogether, let's estimate shaving for 10 more years at a reduced rate.
    • 10 years x (1/3) x 45 minutes per week = 150 hours

Adding these estimates together:

315 hours (teenage years) + 1,800 hours (20s to 50s) + 150 hours (50s and beyond) = 2,265 hours

So, a rough estimate suggests that over a woman's lifetime, she might spend approximately 2,265 hours shaving, so more than 94 days! Keep in mind that this is a very general estimate, and individual habits and preferences can significantly alter this figure. 

It is true that part of the preparation for a Laser Hair Removal is shaving, however the more sessions you have and as the hair amount and thickness reduces, you will need to shave less and less often, that's the whole point of it. 

Time is the most valuable resource we possess, for it is finite and irreplaceable, making every moment an opportunity to shape our lives and create meaningful experiences, do not spend it any longer in just shaving and schedule a Free Consultation with us to find out more.