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The same technician every time?

Many clients going through Laser Hair Removal or EMatrix treatments ask themselves this question; Is it a good idea to see different technicians for their treatments or is it better to stick to just one?

At Satori Laser we follow very detail protocols. Each time you visit us for a treatment all information is saved in the system and more specifically your personal profile about every single part of the process you went through. Into your client's profile we save the number of treatment this is for you, the area of the body being treated, the energy and the level of cryogen used for the treatment, how many pulses were used and any other customized information or notes regarding the treatment or your reactions to it. 

This is the way we make sure at Satori Laser that any of our experienced Laser Technicians and Licensed Estheticians can treat a client following the information left from prior visits. 

All of our staff is trained in a very rigorous and homogeneous way, this means that they all use the same technic and follow the same guidelines when treating our clients. 

We all human beings have different personalities and feel more comfortable with other people similar to us. This is why you might prefer to stick with a specific technician you really like. If that is your case all you need to do is to make a verbal request at the front desk when booking your appointments and we will happily honor your request. 

Either way you choose, your results with Laser Hair Removal or EMatrix process will not be affected by it. Our priority is to make you feel comfortable at all times and that you can start enjoying amazing results from your treatments the sooner possible.