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Satori Laser's Guidelines

As a company since its beginning back in 2008, Satori Laser has a set of guidelines that are strictly followed by the whole team and each location. As we continue to grow it even becomes more important to have them, as a way of ensure we are all on the same page and following the same line of service. 

As a client it is crucial for you to know the type of company you are receiving treatments from. 

  • Excellent customer service

For many year we have been set apart from other Clinics because of the quality of customer service we provide. We make sure you are treated kindly and respectfully at all times by each member of our staff. Any questions or concerns you might have are addressed quickly and in detail. We believe that having a very well informed staff makes a big difference, from receptionists to Laser Technicians they know the in and outs of the procedure and will guide you through your Laser Journey confidently. 

  • The Best Technology

We decided since day one we only wanted to have the newest and most effective technology. We only use GentleMax Pro Series from Candela which are considered not only the strongest but the most effective Laser machines in the industry. They are also the most expensive, but we are the biggest client of Candela and this relationship is a big advantage for us. On top of that as our cooling system, we use only Cryogen instead of cheaper options that will not be as helpful in keeping the discomfort resulting from the treatments to the minimum possible. We are always updating and changing our machines for newer ones, we do not have old equipment at any of our locations. 

  • Transparent Pricing

It seems that the obvious thing would be for prices to be displayed publicly by all Clinics, but we are actually the only ones that do that. All other companies will make you come in for an appointment is order to discuss their pricing, which could be adjusted depending of the client they are dealing with. We do not keep anything in secret, we want all of our clients to access the same prices and discounts. Our prices are listed online and in person during Consultation our estheticians can create a payment plan that fits your needs depending on the areas and purchases you are planning to make. We have seasonal sales that will also be displayed online and in stores for you to take advantage of. We offer packages for each area of the body, the more sessions you get the cheaper it will be. 

  • Licensed and Experienced Estheticians

Would would like to put their skin in hands of a new esthetician or somebody without a license? Nobody. We only hire estheticians that have already worked in the industry for 5 years, regardless of their Laser experience they all go through a training period of several months and only when they have learned the specifics not only of Laser Hair Removal with Candela machines but also of how Satori Laser wants the treatments to be performed, then they are part of our active team. Each of them are also tested on their performance very often by our Senior Technician team and Dermatologist. 

  • Medical Director

All of our activities are supervised by our Medical Director Dr. Pratt and a group of senior estheticians. A very small percentage of people can present sometimes a stronger or longer than usual reaction to a treatment for many reasons, when that happens we have all the medical tools to give assistance and have your skin taken care of by the best. All of them are resolved within days with the proper care. To avoid an unusual reaction to treatments is very important that you are honest with your technician during Consultation about any medication or condition you have and that you listen carefully to pre care, post care instructions and the safety questions before each treatment. 

  • Convenient Locations

We want you to feel comfortable and safe each time you visit us. We open locations near public transportation and easy access, we follow very strict protocols regarding disinfection of each part involved in your treatments and our stores. We continue to grow and open more locations because we believe Laser Hair Removal should be accessible to everybody and it is our placer you be part of your Hair Removal Journey.

Lastly, we are very thankful for each of our client's trust over the years. Cheers for the many more to come continuing to make people's lives easier with smooth and hairless skin.