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Our Current SALE Explained

We all love discounts! Satori Laser is not the exception. We have a commitment to our clients in keeping our prices fair while using top notch technology, even without a SALE we have all year long available packages of three and six sessions that are discounted but you can also buy single sessions if that is your preference. 

Our SUMMER SALE is still on, it is a smart move to take advantage of it. It is buy one session get the second one with a 30% DISCOUNT. 

For example if you buy one sessions of Brazilian which is $159, you can get a second one for only $111.30 before taxes. You can apply this to any area you want and you can buy different body areas. The maximum is 2 sessions per area of the body. It is available only in stores, but you can also buy them over the phone of the location you wish to visit. It will be available only until August 31st 2023.

In most cases our package of 6 sessions is always the cheapest option if you are looking to buy in a bulk. However, if you already finished your package of 6 sessions and you want to add a couple more or you are not sure you want to commit to a package, getting two sessions to start and try it out it's also a great idea. 

It is important you know that these sessions do not have an expiration date, even if it take you years to come in, be sure your sessions will be there waiting for you. This is common for people who already finished their treatments and only need sessions every few years for maintenance of those dormant follicles that might come back. 

Whatever the case is, please know it is our pleasure to assist you and answer any questions you might have regarding this sale, our pricing or anything else. Call us or text us at the location of your preference and one of our representatives will be happy to talk to you. 


"A sale is not something you pursue; it's what happens to you while you are immersed in serving your customer's needs."

-Zig Ziglar