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My Experience with Laser Hair Removal

I have been removing my body hair for over three decades. From shaving to waxing, I prefer a smoother feel and look. Sadly, shaving only gets me so far. I struggle with getting rid of all of the hairs. Waxing used to be my favorite method of getting rid of my body hair—until my wax technician recommended that I look into laser hair removal. I finally decided to give the treatment a try.

I typically spent about $100 or more a month on getting waxed. Laser Hair Removal is a more expensive process. But, the reason I chose laser hair removal over waxing is because of the long lasting results. In addition, believe it or not, I actually feel that it’s less painful. With waxing, I noticed my body hair grew back right away—within a week or two. While, the results from laser hair removal keep me hair free until my next session. Which is usually spread a month apart.

Now, I’m at my sixth session and I’ve noticed a big improvement. I feel more confident than ever. My laser technician said that I’m at the point where I can spread my sessions out.

Does it hurt? Yes, sometimes it hurts. But, I’ve gotten used to it and where the hair is less thick, it hurts less. Would I suggest laser hair removal? Yes, I recommend laser hair removal because the results are so much better than waxing and it hurts way less. Unlike waxing, Satori states that clients can expect 75-95% in permanent hair reduction! Interested in laser hair removal? Head to our website for a free consultation.