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Is Laser Hair Removal for you? Take the test!

Let's find out if Laser Hair Removal is the right choice for you with this simple test. 

  1. Is the color of the hair in the area that you would like to treat black or brown?

-Yes (Awesome! Laser Hair Removal its the most effective on dark hair)

-No (If your hair is blond or red please schedule a free test patch with us to confirm whether is going to be effective or not on your specific tone and how much reduction can be guaranteed for you)

       2. Is the hair in the area you would like treat coarse?

-Yes (Great! Laser Hair Removal is the most effective on thick hair)

-No (Please schedule a free test patch and come to the appointment with the hair unshaved for our technician to determine. Unfortunately if the hair is just peach fuzz, Laser Hair Removal might not be the right option for you)

       3. Do you take any daily medications?

-Yes (Please bring a list of the medications you take to your complimentary Consultation. Your Laser Technician will check the list to make sure that you can safely receive Laser treatments)

-No (Perfect! You are ready to start your Laser treatments right away)

       4. Are you able to avoid self tanners or extended sun exposure on the area you wish to treat?

-Yes (While receiving Laser treatments is very important to avoid tanning those areas that are being treated to avoid any adverse reaction. Your skin sure thanks you for protecting her)

-No (You might want to reconsider your tanning practices. Remember that besides covering these areas being necessary for Laser Treatments is also very important in order to avoid skin damage, pigmentation and early aging)

        5. Do you suffer from ingrown hair?

-Yes (Laser Hair Removal is the number one solution recommended by Dermatologists. We guarantee you no more ingrown hair with 12 sessions)

-No (Good for you! You will love how soft your skin will become with these treatments)

        6. Does your skin gets very irritated after waxing, shaving or using depilatory creams?

-Yes (Laser Hair Removal is actually much safer for your skin than all he other methods above mentioned. The Technology of the Gentle MaxPro Series of Candela Laser targets only the pigment of the hair, not the surrounding skin)

-No (Lovely! You do not have sensitive skin. Laser Hair Removal will not be the exception)

        7. Are you tired of wasting time shaving or waxing?

-Yes (Do not wait any longer then! Laser Hair Removal is the least time consuming method to remove hair)

-No (Then this is not one of the reasons why you are thinking about Laser Hair Removal, maybe is more because of skin irritation or ingrown hairs)

        8. Are you looking for a Laser Center with experience, high quality technology and Licensed Estheticians?

-Yes (Yei! You are smart and deserve the highest quality Laser Treatments in the industry. Only Satori Laser can provide this for you. It will be our pleasure to assist you!)

-No (Picking the wrong Laser Center for your treatments can bring terrible consequences to you. Laser Hair Removal performed by unexperienced hands can cause burns, scarring and permanent skin damage. Other places with cheap prices might not be able to guarantee you results and waste your time and money on the long run. Schedule a Free Consultation with us and find out why Satori Laser has the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry)


If you have further questions about the process of Laser Hair Removal, do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to meet you soon!