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Is It Safe to Change the Company in which I receive Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

This is a common worry of many of the customers we encounter. The most common scenario is that they started treatments somewhere else and they are now looking into continuing their journey with us. The reasons vary but the most popular are:

  • After a while they notice they are not getting the hair reduction and results they were promised.
  • They had to move recently and now is Satori Laser the most convenient and closed to them.
  • The Laser Center they were visiting is now permanently closed.
  • They experienced an adverse reaction to a treatment and even in some cases burns and scars. 

We have good news for you, it is completely safe and fair to change your mind and decide to come to Satori Laser!

Why? Because our Laser Estheticians are very experienced with different cases and situations, even if you are recovering from a very traumatic experience in another Company, Satori Laser is here to make you feel safe and assist you at all times through the remaining our your Laser Hair Removal Journey. Remember that we also have our Medical Director, renowned Dermatologist Dr. Pratt available for specific and more complicated cases.  

Do we need to know the details about your past treatments? Not really, even if the company you were visiting before refuses to give you any information about your past treatments our experienced Staff is able to create a plan that is effective for you. During the complimentary Consultation, you will be asked questions regarding your skin routine, your hair state and most likely you will need to come with the hair with some growth so we can determine the right energy and strength on our technology to work with. 

What if you started with us but now you are no longer able to continue your treatments here?

In most of these situations, our client is moving out of the country or the state and is no longer able to visit a Satori Laser Location. We always wish all of our clients the best with their future endeavors and we will give them the details of their treatments so they can hopefully find a company that uses the same technology and has experienced staff that will help them get their desired final results. Remember that at Satori Laser we keep a very detailed record of each of your visits which includes the energy used, the type of wavelength, the number of pulses required, the amount of cryogen on each zap and any special requirements you have as well. We are happy to share that with you, so you can part ways with us knowing exactly in that stage you are of your Laser Hair Removal Journey.

It is always wise to look for the high quality service you deserve. If the company you currently visit is not providing this to you, it would be our pleasure to do so. Feel free to schedule a complimentary Consultation to discuss all details with our Laser Technician before making any decisions.