Full Legs

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Full legs laser hair removal for Female and Male.

The full legs cover both legs from the top of the ankle bone to the top of the thigh. The full legs does not include the bikini line. A session takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. Treatment feels like a rubber band slapping the skin or a hot pinch followed by a cooling sensation depending on the area on the leg.

All areas of the body need a minimum of six sessions to the start. The full legs generally require 6 to 12 treatments for 75% to 95% hair reduction with the exception of clients who have hormonal imbalances, who may need additional sessions. The inner thigh is a hormonal area and generally needs more sessions than the recommended 6. Treatments are spaced 5 weeks apart until the hair growth cycle begins to slow. Depending on each individual’s progress, sessions become spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. Clients who receive treatment to this area should shave in preparation. Please avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks before treatment. Avoid waxing, tweezing and antibiotic use for 2 weeks before treatment.

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