Laser treatment for teenagers?

If properly performed by an experienced, well-trained and certified professional such as the ones from Satori Laser, then it won’t be a problem at all.  Many people have the misconception that laser treatment will have damaging effects towards teenagers as opposed to adults. However, the risk level is just about the same – in which there’s hardly any. You should discuss these risks, which are very rare, with your laser professional. In fact, Satori offers free consultations if this is one concern that may arise, we’d love to answer your questions!

 Any side effects that may occur is equally likely for both parties. However, due to changing hormones it simply won’t be as effective for teenagers. In our contemporary society though, it hardly comes off as surprising that just in 2007 there over 67,000 procedures done on teenagers.

Here are some thoughts from one girl who had suffered through body hair

When Vidya Srinivasan was 7, girls would make her play a man in games of make-believe because of the downy hairs on her upper lip. “It really started messing up my self-esteem,” said Vidya, now 13. “I got to thinking that maybe there’d been a mistake and I was really born a boy.”

After treatment, she even commented that she felt as if she had won and managed to silence her bullies. We’re very proud of her! At Satori Laser, we believe that no one should be tormented by body hair, so stop by and let’s bring back your confidence!

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