Possible side effects to laser hair removal

1. Pain. Some people feel discomfort during the treatment. There may be a burning sensation, which lasts for an hour or two. However, with the machine we have atDazzling smile Satori Laser that helps combat the pain, I wouldn’t worry about this.

2. Healing. There is always a slight possibility of developing a crust or blister. This is superficial and generally does not result in any scarring and is treated like a sunburn or any other superficial blister.

3. Pigment changes. The treated area will probably heal without any pigment changes; however, there is always a chance that darker or lighter areas may occur. These are usually temporary and will fade within 1-6 months. Sun exposure must be avoided if a darker spot occurs, as that may intensify the hyperpigmentation. It is rare that a change is permanent.

4. Scarring is very rare and it is important to follow all the post- treatment instructions carefully.

5. Swelling may occur immediately after treatment, especially on the face. This is temporary and not harmful.

6. Fragile skin. Skin that has been treated should be cared for gently for several days. It should not be rubbed.

7. Bruising is rare. It will generally clear up within 4-10 days.

As you have read, there are no major side effects when it comes to laser hair removal, and the chance of coming down with something is very low. The possibility decreases even further if you make sure to take good care of your skin post-treatment. Start your laser hair removal worry-free today at Satori Laser!

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