FDA approved laser hair removal system eliminates unwanted hair forever

permanent hair removal

Raleigh Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Law uses the new Gentlelase for permanent hair removal.

In just minutes the FDA approved laser hair removal system eliminates unwanted hair forever.

“I taught my first course on laser hair removal in 1996″, Says Kile Law, President of Blue Water Spa, a Plastic Surgery Medical Spa in Raleigh North Carolina, and former Director of Education for Laser Aesthetics in Newport Beach, CA. “I knew then that laser hair removal was in its’ infancy and that significant developments would take place. I never imagined it would take nine years before I was convinced it was time for me to invest in a laser for hair removal”

In the early days of cosmeticflowery dress lasers, lasers for hair removal were very painful, extremely slow and effective only in fair-skinned individuals with very dark hair. Newer lasers are safer, more comfortable and more effective for a variety of skin types. Until recently, however, lasers for hair removal were excruciatingly slow. What has changed laser hair removal forever is the Candela Gentlelase 2004.

Candela’s Gentlelase

Prior to the introduction of Candela’s Gentlelase 2004, a laser treatment of a man’s back would take at least an hour, and sometimes as long as three hours. Treatment of legs for a woman would typically take upwards of two hours. Today, using the Gentlelase 2004, the treatment of a man’s back can be completed in less than 20 minutes and most women can have full legs treated in less than 30 minutes. Because many laser centers and physicians offices charge by the hour or by the pulse of the laser, this also means significant savings to the consumer. Another reason some individuals have been less than enthusiastic about laser hair removal is that of the pain associated with the procedure. Older generation laser hair removal systems using topical gels or other forms of cooling simply do not provide enough consistent cooling of the skin to make the treatments tolerable. The pain, coupled with a slow treatment is just too much for some people to endure. With the introduction of a DCD, dynamic cooling device, treatments are much more comfortable than in the past.

When considering a hair removal laser treatment, consumers should ask the following questions:

1) Is this laser FDA approved for hair removal on my skin type and hair color?

2) What is the spot size of the laser? In order for a laser to perform quickly, it should have an 18mm spot size

3) Is the laser equipped with a dynamic cooling device (DCD)? This is the safest and most consistent method of cooling the skin. It ensures patient safety and comfort

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